Chiropractic Tools

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Traction Table

A Traction table is the most commonly used piece of equipment in a chiropractic clinic. The table is used for the pulling of a body part in order to realign it, and the table provides extra resistance to relieve subluxations and takes pressure off of compressed disks, which essentially with reduce pain and tension, allowing the spine to straighten up and the body to heal itself.


The use of an ultrasound in chiropractic care is known as ultrasound therapy and is a painless procedure to undertake. Ultrasound therapy is used to diminish muscle pain by delivering sound waves to the muscles/tissues to promote blood flow to this area. This treatment can reduce feelings of stiffness, swelling and pain in targeted area.

Heat Lamp

A similar piece of equipment to the ultrasound is the use of a heat lamp to relax tissues by causing the increase of blood circulation to the damaged area, resulting in an increased range of motion of joints, reduced pain and relaxes and relives muscles.


The Activator is technique and device in chiropractic work which is an alternative of manual manipulation or extremity joints, used for back and neck pain and headaches. It’s a small handheld instrument generating a gentle impulse to restore motion back into the joint. The force created is localised and is only pinpointed in troubled areas, meaning that other areas that are unaffected will not be touched or caused any pain.


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