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Diversified UK

The most widely used technique for chiropractors is the Diversified technique, 96% of chiropractors use it on 70% of their patients. It involves a high velocity, low amplitude thrust/movement of the hand against the troubled area, sometimes assisted with a table or block to provide resistance, this normally results in a large popping sound as the joint is restored. Diversified is used for the adjustment of the spine.


The Gonstead technique is a similar method to the diversified technique as they are both hands on, however the Gonstead method includes the use of an x-ray to pinpoint any areas that need adjustment. It is known to re-align joints, and to reduce pain. The Gonstead technique originated from Clarence Selmer Gonstead, when he suffered with foot and leg pain, but as he could not be helped by conventional medical care, he decided to undertake a chiropractic education.


The Activator technique involves a handheld instrument that generates gentle impulses into the vertebrate sections of the spine to move the vertebrate, however to not cause injury. This technique can treat all kinds of lower back pain to headaches. It can be used for the elderly too.


The Flexion technique can also be referred to as the Cox Technic, this treatment is used in over half of all chiropractic clinics. It is a non forced, adjustment procedure whereby gentle stretching of the lower spine takes place. The technique has been found to widen movement and motion within joints, arms, legs and neck and reduces pain.


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