Uses of Chiropractic Treatments

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Chiropractors are interested in the natural way of healing the body in a drug-free, surgery-free treatment, to help avoid any further pain that may have been caused.

The term vertebral subluxation is known as the compression and irritation of spinal joints and nerves, that may have occurred from the movement of a vertebrate due to a fall, the misalignment of the spine from poor posture and repetitive stress, or a inflammatory response due to a poor diet and lack of healthy living.


Treatments for these are a hands-on technique focusing on the manipulation and re-aligning of the spine and surrounding structures in order for the body to heal itself naturally.

Spinal manipulation or manual manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) refers to the thrust of a hand/arm against the vertebrate that is out of place in order to re-align and reduce pain and irritability. Chiropractic mobilisation is the stretching out of muscles and joints to increase free movement within those areas.


There are many conditions that affect muscles, joints and bones which can be treated by the use of chiropractors, for example back pain (lower back and shoulder problems, including the neck), sciatica and pains in the leg, problems with hips, knees and foot/ankle joints. It is also known that some chiropractors can help with headaches and period pains.


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